Making an Impact and Leaving a Legacy

The Ideal Location Foundation to help nature nonprofits make an impact and business owners leave a legacy is proud to partner with STS Capital a leading global mergers and acquisition firm.

STS was formed to leverage the highest return for family and entrepreneur-owned businesses by selling to strategics. This creates a dual upside both for the entrepreneur in maximizing the value of their business upon exit a higher multiple and for the nonprofits and the important causes that align with the entrepreneur to leave a legacy with new philanthropic capital making a greater positive impact.

For entrepreneurs that want to create their own nonprofits rather than donate to an established and vetted nonprofit, we have partnered with Altruvest.  Altruvest helps social and environmental oriented optimize their corporate governance needs. With the Boardmatch program, we also have the ability to help both new and established nonprofits with filling important board positions.


STS Capital Partners offers entrepreneurial business owners the opportunity to support creating a legacy through their own philanthropic initiatives around the world.

As a long-term passion of our founder, Rob Follows, changing the world for the better is a key aspect of STS’ approach. By helping you sell your business to strategic buyers and achieving maximum financial value, we also hope to help you open up limitless opportunities to reinvest your proceeds for good, channeling incremental sale assets into foundations, trusts and other philanthropic activities, leaving a lasting legacy and creating your own path from Success to Significance™.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the ongoing journey a sale represents. A journey that – in the case for many of us – has led to the pursuit of a better society. This is also aligned with the personal mission of STS Founder, Rob Follows, who has undertaken and supported many charitable ventures, including climbing Everest to raise funds for Altruvest Charitable Services, as part of his goal and achievement of climbing the Seven Summits.

Altruvest Charitable Services

Formed by our founder Rob in 1994, Altruvest is a charity focused on improving the performance of charitable organizations, and in turn their ability to improve more lives than ever. Its values are closely aligned to our own here at STS, and Rob’s fundraising efforts have even seen him reach impressive heights – climbing the world’s seven summits, including Everest – for the cause.

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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are now able to make an impact and leave a legacy beyond their business for their favorite environmental philanthropic organizations

Are you a business owner or know of a business owner that is considering selling their business in the future?

STS Capital helps to unlock the hard-earned value in your business that could have taken years or decades to build.

STS delivers “Extraordinary Exits for business owners to not only created liquidity for their next journey in life but also make an impact for the people and the planet.

This is one of the ways STS is creating billions of dollars in philanthropic and impact capital through our work in sell-side M&A Advisory.

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