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“This is the most beautiful place on earth. There are many such places.

Every man, every woman, carries in heart and mind the image of the ideal place, the right place, the one true home , known or unknown, actual or visionary.”

Edward Abbey

Where is your Ideal Location ?

Perhaps it is somewhere you visited once or visited often, a place from childhood, somewhere in your neighborhood or somewhere across the globe or maybe its somewhere you have yet to visit but you are drawn towards or maybe it is where you are right now present in the moment.

These are ideal locations we all hold dear do something to us on a profound level. We experience connectedness with nature, perhaps simply calming our busy minds calm, or sometimes maybe it is something more,  a moment of awe or inspiration.

Yes, there are many ideal locations special and unique to each of us. Collectively we share the Ideal Location and that is that shiny ball of blue we call our home.

We believe nature can help make us happier, healthier and more creative, as such as humans we need to connect with and protect nature.

We believe our children and our children’s children deserve clean air, clean water, and preservation of nature and our resources.

These philosophies are expressions of our shared values as they apply to environmental solutions. Our philosophies for our lands, our foods, our water, our buildings, our energy, and our eco systems are written not as rules but instead as guidelines.


We believe society and individuals benefit greatly from new more sustainable approaches and we need to rethink best practices for:

  • Our Land
  • Our Food
  • Our Water
  • Our Buildings
  • Our Energy
  • Our Eco-Systems

We believe it is not economy vs ecology, But Economy and Ecology together in collaboration and not in competition as the path forward.

While we know the challenges to our planet and our collective ideal location are great we are optimistic that together we can make a difference.

Ideal Location

We believe it is wherever you are and wherever you are going.

Think Globally Act Locally